New York Jets Vs. Tennessee Titans: Live Score, Highlights And Analysis

Mayor Michael Bloomberg attributed the transformative results to his 2007 project, PlaNYC , an initiative aimed at creating sustainable green reforms around the city from better air quality to more affordable housing. “Our PlaNYC agenda set an ambitious goal of having the cleanest air among the largest U.S. cities,” BLoomberg said at a Climate Week event in the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers. “Today’s results show that we have already made major progress towards that goal, which is saving lives and improving the health of New Yorkers.” In the city’s Community Air Survey , officials found that levels of sulfur dioxide in the air have dropped by 69 percent since 2008 and the level of soot pollution in the air has dropped by 23 percent thanks, in large part, to PlaNYC’s Clean Heat program, which was aimed at reducing pollution heavy heating oils. Clean Heat was successful thanks to three key reforms: decreased amounts of toxic heating oils, lowered sulfur content in heating oils and expanded natural gas supplies and local gas distribution. Over 2,700 polluting buildings have phased out toxic heating oils as of 2011 and there are currently 2,500 buildings working on conversions, even though the estimated 10,000 buildings in the city that burn toxic heating oils have until 2030 to make their reforms. The cleaner air, Bloomberg said, is estimated to prevent as much as 800 deaths and 2,000 hospital visits due to lung and cardiovascular diseases annually, compared to 2008 records. Manhattan, northern Queens and the South Bronx achieved the greatest improvement in air quality through natural gas conversions. “The substantial reductions in air pollution we’re seeing translate into healthier New Yorkers who are breathing cleaner air,” said Michael Seilback, Vice President for Public Policy and Communications at the American Lung Association of the Northeast. “As more buildings convert to cleaner burning fuels, we will see even greater health benefits.” To capitalize off of this momentum, the Department of Environment Protection also sent a proposed update to New York City’s Air Code to the City Council. If enacted, this update will be the first major revision to the code in 38 years. The new code will update emission standards and focus on the most notorious sources of pollution like commercial cooking establishments. Other green reforms like the addition of hybrid and electrical vehicles to the municipal fleet, reduced school bus emissions and zoning changes to encourage more transit-friendly development have all contributed to the current clean air levels, according to the report. The city intends to continue these efforts and officials predict even greater improvements to air quality and health in upcoming years.

New York at Houston

Ryan Fitzpatrick hits Nate Washington for a huge touchdown right over Antonio Cromartie! The Titans are just pouring it on now. Titans 38, Jets 13 Good news for the Jets that Holmes didn’t re-aggravate his foot: Holmes out with a hamstring injury, according to #Jets . Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) September 29, 2013 6:51 PM ET 8:49 4th Quarter Touchdown Jets! Finally, the Jets are able to connect downfield with Jeff Cumberland. Great throw by Geno Smith to beat man coverage. The Jets may lose this game, but they can take solace in knowing that they didn’t quit. 6:49 PM ET Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) September 29, 2013 6:46 PM ET The MMQB (@theMMQB) September 29, 2013 6:45 PM ET 11:00 4th Quarter TOUCHDOWN TITANS! Geno Smith loses the ball behind his back while taking a sack and the Titans recover in the end zone! This one is all but over at this point. Titans 31, Jets 6 Here is the fourth-down play: 6:41 PM ET Turnovers and penalties are the difference. They just handed out third quarter stats – everything was pretty even between Titans and Jets in that quarter. Dan Leberfeld (@jetswhispers) September 29, 2013 6:36 PM ET 13:58 4th Quarter The Jets take a chance to a pitch on fourth down, and its easily stopped by the Titans. The Jets are running out of opportunities to come back, but they had to take their chance there. 6:32 PM ET Terry Lambert (@LambertScouting) September 29, 2013 6:31 PM ET 1:20 3rd Quarter Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports Geno Smith is starting to settle down after a big run, and he’slooking decisive.

Speaking Friday after a White House meeting with President Barack Obama, Singh said, “the epicenter of terror still remains focused in Pakistan.” In Saturday’s speech, Singh said India is committed to resolving all issues with Pakistan, but he again expressed his concerns about terror attacks and repeated his government’s view that Kashmir “is an integral part of India.” The need for peace between the South Asian nuclear rivals has rarely been greater. They have been at odds since Britain granted independence and carved up the subcontinent in 1947, but the impending U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan, where India and Pakistan have competing interests, adds new uncertainty to a region increasingly threatened by Islamic militancy. “It’s timely for them to meet,” said Karl Inderfurth, a former top U.S. diplomat for South Asia and now at the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank in Washington. “It’s Nawaz Sharif’s first chance as the new prime minister to reach across to his Indian counterpart and it’s maybe Manmohan Singh’s last chance to do what he has repeatedly said he wants to do, which is open up a new relationship with Pakistan.” Both men are familiar with the pitfalls of seeking to improve ties between India and Pakistan a relationship scarred by three wars and deep mutual suspicion. Sharif was in power when Pakistan first tested a nuclear bomb in 1998. But he also presided over one of the more upbeat episodes in recent relations with India. He hosted then-Prime Minister Atal Vajpayee for a summit in Lahore in February 1999, where they signed a landmark declaration on avoiding nuclear conflict and opened a cross-border bus service. Three months later, the impetus for peace was crushed when a Pakistani military quietly infiltrated into an area of Indian-held Kashmir called Kargil, sparking fighting that left hundreds dead on both sides and could have sparked nuclear war. Sharif, who said the army acted without his knowledge, was ousted in a coup five months later. Back in office again, Sharif is particularly keen to increase cross-border trade to jump-start Pakistan’s stricken economy. “Pakistan and India can prosper together, and the entire region would benefit from our cooperation,” Sharif told the General Assembly on Friday. But Singh has said relations can only improve once Pakistan cracks down on militants accused on staging attacks in India a perennial concern that has only intensified since the 2008 Mumbai attacks that killed 164 people in India’s commercial hub. On Friday, Singh said, “the epicenter of terror still remains focused in Pakistan.” A renewed spate of violence along the disputed Kashmir frontier this year has threatened a decade-long cease-fire.

India, Pakistan holding peace summit in New York

After the Yankees were eliminated from postseason on Wednesday, their final games turned into a tribute for Rivera, the 43-year-old career saves leader, and Andy Pettitte , the 41-year-old left-hander from suburban Deer Park. Rivera decided he wanted Thursday night’s emotional Yankee Stadium finale to be his final game. He finished with 652 regular-season saves and apologized for not pitching in Houston this weekend. “I’ve been ready for this moment,” Rivera said. “I’ve been happy with it, and move on.” Pettitte went out with a five-hitter on Saturday, his first complete game in seven years, Granderson, who missed much of the season with a broken forearm and then a broken pinkie, hit a tying single in the eighth inning. Like Cano, he is eligible for free agency after the World Series. Cano didn’t play Sunday, and the All-Star second baseman finished with a .314 average, 27 homers and 107 RBIs. With reports he is seeking a 10-year deal worth $305 million or more, the Yankees may not re-sign their most productive hitter — especially if they want to get under next year’s luxury tax threshold of $189 million. As for the final game, Matt Daley (1-0) got the win. David Robertson , one of the possible replacements at closer for Rivera, pitched a perfect 14th. Reynolds led off the 14th with a homer off Lucas Harrell (6-17), Eduardo Nunez added a two-run double and J.R.