Miley Cyrus Dances With Little People, Defends Stage Antics: ‘it’s What My Heart Is Telling Me To Do’

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“I hate the iPhone update,” Cyrus tweeted Thursday after presumably updating her Apple device. The tweet spawned more than 14,000 retweets and 13,000 favorites. I hate the iPhone update. Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) September 20, 2013 Cyrus is referring to iOS 7 , the latest iPhone software update, which includes a brand-new, cartoon-bright design as well as a variety of other tweaks and features. When it dropped on Apple devices Thursday, the update spawned a bevy of reactions on social media some as vitriolic as Cyrus’s, some more complimentary. Techie actress Alyssa Milano, for one, was a fan of the update, tweeting : “It is beautiful but going to take some getting used to. #iphoneupdate.” Christina Milian agreed : “I love this new #iOS7 software!!!!” ChloA Grace Moretz fell more in the Cyrus camp in a tweet that rising star Lorde favorited: “I’m really frustrated with this iPhone update. It’s. Too. Bright.” I’m really frustrated with this iPhone update. It’s. Too. Bright. ChloA Grace Moretz (@ChloeGMoretz) September 19, 2013 Ariana Grande live-tweeted her update experience, at first expressing trepidation “terrified to update my iPhone” then confusion , “Can someone please help me…

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Following Tuesdays premiere, the single is still holding at number six on iTunes hip-hop chart. The pop singer also recently launched his 14-year-old YouTube discovery, Madison Beers debut single Melodies on iTunes and Radio Disney and its video. Beer recently inked a deal with Island Records. The single sold 9,000 downloads in its opening week, according to Nielsen SoundScan, while the songs official video has already attracted 1.7 million (and counting) YouTube views. Over the past months speculation about what Biebers new music will sound like has accelerated after reports of studio sessions with producers such as Tyler, The Creator, Future, Wiz Khalifa, R. Kelly, the renowned Pharrell Williams, Jason Pooh Bear Boyd, and Rodney Darkchild Jerkins who recently posted an Instagram video of the team working in Bali. Bieber is due to perform at the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix on Monday before the last leg of his mammoth trek moves through Asia, Latin America, New Zealand and Australia. While Justin continues to draw Lolly related heat from some seemingly unfamiliar with over 70% of contemporary music for the last 40 years, and Miley incurs censure for her pneumatic, new public image, nevertheless these two young people are keeping on. Theyre on the grind. Working, creating, and moving forward. Some call it punk (the good kind) , others condemn them as divas.

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As a member of One Direction, he also understands the demand of being a singer. Why they shouldnt: Considering his home is in the UK and she is in the US, they may have issues with being long distance. It also hurts that Styles doesnt like Cyruss dance moves and told Daily News that he thought twerking promotes promiscuity. Photo Courtesy of Comedy Central How you know him: He was recently in This is the End, and he is an author and a painter as well. Why they should date: Franco and Cyrus are pretty frank about their drug use. Franco was in Pineapple Express, a film in which he smoked weed. He has also talked about the drug in multiple interviews. Cyrus sang about drug use in “We Cant Stop” (We like to party/Dancing with molly). Why they shouldnt: Franco is 35 and Cyrus is only 20. Sure, age is just a number, but 15 is a pretty big gap. Franco also threw her a little shade when mocking tabloids on Instagram . Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons How you know him: He is a singer.

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Cyrus delivered a four-song set at the Clear Channel festivals outdoor Village stage, which including the first ever live rendition of her No. 1 single Wrecking Ball. our editor recommends Ylvis, of Viral Sensation ‘The Fox,’ Lands Major Label Deal Ahead of U.S. Live Debut Following crowd chants of Miley! Miley! Miley! the singer was introduced by Glee cast member Darren Criss, who noted, She needs no introduction. Cyrus, dressed in white laced-up lingerie and a daisy necklace, emerged onstage alongside several little people, some dressed as mushrooms and flowers, and two dancers wearing a giant rainbow costume. The stages drum set was covered with a photo of Cyrus sticking out her tongue. The singers set included We Cant Stop, the first single off her upcoming album Bangerz, as well as 2009 hit Party In the U.S.A. After an audience member tossed a purple bra onstage, Cyrus said, I know its hot as f— but thanks so much for being here and especially for making my new single Wrecking Ball No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week. PHOTOS:Naked Ambition: From Adam Levine to Miley Cyrus, Hollywood’s Most Daring Magazine Nudity As she strutted across the stage, Cyrus noted that while the things shes been doing onstage and in her music videos are getting me in trouble, she feels its just me doing what my heart and soul is telling me to do. She added, Everything is inspired by the music. In honor of this sentiment, Cyrus performed Look What Theyve Done To My Song, an acoustic, countrified ballad originally sung by Melanie Safka, seemingly about being scrutinized by the public and media. As she feigned tears, the musician sang lines like Theyve picked it like a chicken bone and they think Im half insane / Look what theyve done to my brain. Its unconfirmed at this point whether the new track will appear on Bangerz, Cyrus fourth studio album, which is due out Oct. 8 via RCA. PHOTOS: iHeartRadio Fest: Elton John, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry Soar Cyrus ended her performance with Wrecking Ball, thanking fans their support. I thought today would be a good time to do this for the first time for all my fans, Cyrus said.