Madonna Sparks Controversy (again) By Posing With Guns After Navy Yard Shooting

Madonna Announces secretprojectrevolution, An Art For Freedom Project, In Partnership With VICE Media And BitTorrent

The singer, who was covered up, was… Provocative hip-hop star M.I.A. is taking on the might of America’s National Football League 18 months after executives began legal proceedings against her for a rude gesture she made during her performance with Madonna at the 2012 Super Bowl. The Paper Planes hitmaker upset Nfl bosses when she flipped her middle finger at the camera during the show, and they demanded she pay $1.5 million (1 million) for breaching her performance contract. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Nfl chiefs began taking legal action in March, 2012, filing papers at the American Arbitration Association, accusing M.I.A. of “a flagrant disregard for the values that form the cornerstone of the Nfl brand and the Super Bowl.” They pointed out that the star had agreed to “acknowledge the great value of the goodwill associated with the Nfl and the tremendous public respect and reputation for wholesomeness enjoyed by the Nfl” and “ensure that all elements of (her) performance… shall be consistent with such goodwill and reputation.” M.I.A. is now fighting back, insisting it is “ridiculous” for the Nfl executives and sports fans offended by her middle finger salute to “devote such furor to this incident while ignoring the genocide occurring in her home country (Sri Lanka) and several other countries.” Her lawyer, Howard King, says, “The Nfl’s claimed reputation for wholesomeness is hilarious in light of the weekly felonies committed by its stars, the bounties placed by coaches on opposing players, the homophobic and racist comments uttered by its players, the complete disregard for the health of players and the premature deaths that have resulted from same, and the raping of public entities ready to sacrifice public funds to attract teams.” And M.I.A. and her legal rep are asking fans to help them make a case against the Nfl. King adds, “We encourage people to submit their examples of how the actions of the Nfl, its stars, coaches, advertisers, broadcasters, team doctors and owners have damaged or destroyed any vestiges of any reputation for wholesomeness ever enjoyed by the Nfl. These submissions, which we plan to use to bolster M.I.A’s defense, will help balance the playing field, as they very well could eliminate the burden of undertaking a formal survey of the history of unwholesome behaviour. “We are planning an all-out assault on the Nfl’s claims of being a brand devoted to high morals.” Contactmusic

17, 2013 4:34 PM PDT Loading… PRNewsFoto/VICE Media Has she gone too far this time? Just one day after the deadly Navy Yard shooting in Washington D.C., Madonna revealed a still shot from her upcoming short film which shows her aiming a gun at a body on the floor. And while the singer is known for constantly pushing the boundaries of decency, she’s receiving tons of backlash for her latest stunt. The upcoming endeavor, which has been dubbed SecretProjectRevolution, is said to be released next week in its entirety. The scene also shows other bodies strewn around a living room, including one man who appears to be on top of a piano. Madonna is seen in a pair of fishnet tights, a black leotard and wearing a black leather glove as she clutches the revolver tightly. The film is codirected by the pop icon herself and famed photographer Steven Klein. According to the press release, the project is aiming to “further freedom of expression and protect persecution.” YN / Splash News Madonna also said in a statement in the release, “My goal is to show by the example of SecretProjectRevolution my creative commitment to inspire change in the world through artistic expression. I hope my film and other submissions to Art For Freedom will be a call-to-action and give people a place to voice their own creative expression to help fight oppression, intolerance and complacency.” And while some may call it art, others may be left with simply a bad taste in their mouths. Critics have panned Madge’s decision to release a violent and graphic image in general, let alone so soon after the massacre that took place on Monday. But this isn’t the first time that the Queen of Pop has sparked controversy with her use of handheld weapons. NEWS: Madonna defends using swastikas and guns on tour Ian Gavan/Getty Images During last year’s MDNA tour, she was highly criticized for her use of fake guns throughout the performance. Concertgoers panned the singer’s decision to use fake guns, arguing that she helped in glorifying the use of weapons, after the Sandy Hook school and Colorado movie theater tragedies.

It questions what we do, how we do it, and how we treat others. It questions our governments, and our collective thought patterns. Think about it – the power of art can lead to peace,” commented Steven Klein. “BitTorrent and VICE are both innovative and forward thinking which is why we chose to partner with them on the launch of ‘Art for Freedom’ platform and the film “secretprojectrevolution,” commented Guy Oseary, Madonna’s longtime manager. “Madonna is making a bold move, putting herself out there to support those suffering under repressive regimes around the world. Art For Freedom comes from a place of real empathy and emotion. It’s a reflection of a world in crisis by an artist who has decided that apathy is not an option. In one discussion, Madonna told me that she wanted to start a ‘revolution of love.’ How can you argue with that?” commented Eddy Moretti, Chief Creative Officer, VICE Media. “The Internet drives creativity, democratizes information, and allows people to connect with one another”, shared Shahi Ghanem, Chief Strategy Officer for BitTorrent, Inc. “The new BitTorrent Bundle format captures this ideal by giving artists and publishers an entirely new, people-driven distribution tool that is limitless in quality and versatility – enabling them to connect with fans however and wherever they want. Using the Bundle format to help an iconic artist like Madonna share expression freely with the world is a perfect showcase for the technology and we’re thrilled to support her efforts.” About BitTorrent Bundles ( ) The BitTorrent Bundle is an Alpha project, made with and for the web’s creative community. Our mission is to help artists connect directly with fans, inside the content they share. Each BitTorrent Bundle, like this one, created in partnership with Madonna and VICE, allows artists to distribute content to 170 million BitTorrent users.