Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Partying With Oprah Winfrey And P Diddy?

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That rant is now costing him sponsors, Page Six writes. With his money, influence, and talent, Kanye never had to deal with this kind of backlash before. However, hes now struggling to get the same corporations he criticized to fund his art, several projects he had in mind starting as soon as possible. West is seeking sponsors for his various creative endeavors, including his guerrilla-style music performances, art installations and fashion line. But West hosted a listening party last week for Pusha Ts new album, My Name Is My Name, at Industria Studios, and commandeered the microphone to embark on an expletive-filled rant against corporations and sellouts, the publication says. I dont give a [expletive] about none of these corporations, none of these [expletive] sellouts, this [expletive]-ing Pusha T, Kanye screamed into the microphone. Video of his rant is available online, if youre curious about what else he had to say. Bottom line is that Kanye probably thought he was untouchable as long as he continued to deliver good music. Turns out he isnt: not if he starts badmouthing the very people who pay the bills. Theres a saying about karma that fits this story perfectly. FILED UNDER:

Kanye West Can’t Find Sponsors for His Art After Anti-Corporate Rant

Kanye West loses sponsors after anti-corporate rant, is probably very shocked about it

by Nick Hill | 23 September 2013 Kim Kardashian posted a photo on instagram showing herself partying on Saturday night with beau, Kanye West and the unlikely pair of record producer P Diddy and media mogel Oprah Winfrey. Picture: Kim Kardashian – 2013 E! Upfront Presentation – Arrivals – New York, New York, United States – Monday 22nd April 2013 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are only a few months into parenthood but they still make an effort to go out and spend some much needed quality time together. However, on this occasion, they were joined by a few familiar faces, Oprah Winfrey and P ‘Sean Combs’ Diddy. Kim Kardashian posted a photo on instagram of herself and Kanye, joined by two other entertainment giants, media mogul – Oprah Winfrey and hip-hop superstar – P Diddy (Sean Combs) with a caption saying “Oh no big deal.” But what in the world brought this unlikely group together, parting on Saturday night? (Sept 21st) Apparently they were all attending a birthday bash for girlfriend of founder and CEO of Interscope Records, Jimmy Lovine. The guests were not all there for that reason though with as it was reportedly doubled as an Emmy-Award pre show party. The recently new parents looked very happy in the instagram photo, Kim looked like she isn’t too far away from having her famous pre baby figure back as she debuted a new blonde haired look and Kanye dressed very casual for the event. This is the second time Kanye and Kim have been spotted out together recently as they went on a double date with rapper ‘Tyga’ and his girlfriend ‘Blac Chyna’ in Beverly Hills on Friday night (Sept 20th). They may be spending as much time as possible together before West leaves on his ‘Yeezus’ North American tour , kicking-off in Seattle on October 19th 2013. Kim and Kanye recently became parents to a baby daughter Oprah Winfrey was pictured with the couple and P Diddy, who all looked to be enjoying themselves Contactmusic