Justin Bieber Teases ‘batman Vs. Superman’ Role

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Canelo Alvarez Fight by Brandi Fowler Today 1:03 PM PDT Loading… Al Bello/Getty Images Justin Bieber is heading back to Las Vegas to represent for the money team. “On my way to see the champ. #vegas,” the “Boyfriend” singer tweeted Saturday, referencing his pal Floyd Mayweather’s highly anticipated boxing match against Canelo Alvarez tonight. This isn’t the first time the Biebs has shown up to support Mayweather. Bieber popped up in the ring with the boxer in May 2012 after Mayweather defeated Miguel Cotto for the junior middleweight title. WATCH: Justin Bieber appears in a new music video for his protege Madison Beer And his friendship with the 36-year-old boxer shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise. In the February 2012 issue of V Magazine , Bieber compared himself to the sports star, saying, “Now that I’m on top, everyone wants to bring me downEveryone’s trying to tug at me and take my spot. Like Floyd Mayweather, he’s the best boxer in the world. Now he is a champion. Every time he goes to a fight now, people are like, He’s going to lose this time.'” Many more celebs are expected to attend the fight, including Diddy, Denzel Washington , Heidi Klum , Showman Jeff Beacher, Ashley Greene , Jack Nicholson , Kobe Bryant and other big names. Sounds like this sports event is going to be star-studded!

Justin Bieber And Lindsay Lohan: ‘I Feel Sorry’ For Them, Says Elton John

Elton John Says Justin Bieber And LIndsay Lohan Have Been "Swallowed" Up By Fame

Bieber had been teasing his fan base for months that a collaboration between the two was in the works. True to his word, the singer of hit song Baby, delivered on the joint effort. The song, entitled Wait a Minute is the second time the two have worked together. The first collaboration produced the song Stuck in the Moment. This latest song is said to be more of a slow jam for Bieber. While the melody is unquestionably Tygas style of music, it is a new development for Bieber who continues his transition from teen heartthrob to adult singer. The song is now available online and judging from the reaction his fan base, the tune is a success. In other related Bieber news, his father recently had knee surgery. Bieber flew back to Canada to be with his father during that time. A tweet from his father Jeremy displayed his approval over his sons kindness. Bieber is also reportedly ready to release a new compilation of his own tunes next month. WHAT DO YOU THINK of Justin Bieber and Tygas new song Wait for a Minute? Here are the lyrics for Wait A Minute Wait just A Minute Can Wait just A Minute?

Justin Bieber Jets Home to Be With Dad During Surgery

The 19-year-old may drum up a lot of drama with his antics, but he played the role of supportive son when his father went under the knife this week. “My boy @justinbieber flew all the way home to be with me for my surgery,” Jeremy Bieber, who reportedly had knee surgery, tweeted on Tuesday. “What an incredible boy. #love.” The superstar downplayed the trip, replying , “@JeremyBieber of course. #love#family.” Bieber took time out of his busy schedule of hanging out in the studio and taking shirtless selfies to jet from Los Angeles to his hometown Stratford, Ontario, where his father still resides with his family, including half-siblings Jaxon and Jazmyn. The “Boyfriend” singer regularly reconnects with his father. Jeremy dropped in on some of his son’s tour stops earlier this year, rendezvousing with him in Europe in March . While the Bieber men likely have a lot in common, the most obvious is their love of tattoos. The star’s dad took him to get his first tat at the tender age of 16. They both have sleeves on their left arms. Bieber may currently be playing the role of the dutiful son, but his career has been overshadowed by drama in his personal life this year from his driving dramas , reported marijuana use , and the whole urinating in a mop bucket thing. This week, a pilot from one of Bieber’s many private plane trips allegedly told TMZ that the star and his entourage had been smoking pot when they arrived on the tarmac for a flight. Bieber will have to sharpen his focus as fall arrives. Later this month, he’s headed back on the road to Asia and South America as part of his Believe Tour.

Superman’ Role 10:22 PM PDT 9/13/2013 by Aaron Couch 861 The singer Instagrammed a photo of himself with a (presumably) phony script for the “Man of Steel” sequel. Getty Images Justin Bieber Forget Batfleck. Will Justin Bieber be the next Man of Steel sequel casting choice to set the Internet ablaze? our editor recommends STORY: Ben Affleck as Batman: Internet’s 10 Best Memes Bieber’s photo was liked more than 346,000 just four hours after being posted, and sparked a number of comments from distressed Batman fans, with one young woman declaring “Batman would be ruined forever” and others wondering if the teen star would play Robin. But not so fast, Bat-fans. Bieber tweeted earlier Friday that he was doing some work with Funny or Die, so perhaps the phony script had something do with that. PHOTOS: Ben Affleck and 10 Actors Who’ve Played Multiple Comic Characters In a fun detail, the script claims to be based on Batman: The Dark Knight Falls the fourth issue of Frank Miller’s 1986 classic The Dark Knight Returns comic book series. The issue features an epic battle between Batman and Superman, and during the Comic-Con announcement of the project, Man of Steel actor Harry Lennix read a passage from the issue, in which Batman revels in his defeat of Superman. “I want you to remember, Clark,” Lennix said, “in all the years to come. In all your private moments. I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember, the one man who beat you.” At Comic-Con, Snyder said they were not adapting The Dark Knight Returns, which features an older Batman and Superman. Warner Bros’ still untitled sequel to Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman, hits theaters July 17, 2015.

Justin Bieber And Tyga Release New Song “Wait A Minute” – Listen Now

This time, Sir Elton John. Hot on the heels of Stings warnings to the teen idol, John has revealed the title track of his latest album The Diving Board his first release in seven years is inspired by Bieber and Lindsay Lohan. The 66-year-old legend has notched up more than his share of press inches involving sex, drugs, tantrums and stories of wild excess. But despite his experience, John says the song isnt about his scandalous past. Speaking to Event magazine, the father-of-two said of the song, It isnt about me. Its about Lindsay Lohan, Justin, all those kids who are out there not knowing what the hell is going on. Adding that he worried about young stars thrust into the spotlight seemingly without a clue about the pitfalls that await them, the Brit singer-songwriter said of the pair. She [Lohan] was a great actress and then it became all about the madness, the parties and everyone forgets about what put them there in the first place. They get lost in the idea that they are famous for who they are, not what they are. : The one-time hellraiser continued I feel sorry for these kids. I was 23 when I got famous, He adds , And I made every mistake in the book. But whatever was going on, the drinking, the drugs, whatever, I was still making music, I kept making music and I never stopped. John says rehab saved him but it was music, that work ethic, that sense of this is what Im here for, that kept him grounded in the artifice of fames bubble. Bieber has become tabloid fodder over recent months while amassing a pile-up of alleged assault, battery and theft claims, accusations of speeding either by him or friends in his Calabasas, Calif., neighborhood, amid hysteria over the singers alleged marijuana use. However, Justin is thought to be focusing on new music releases due in October and his upcoming movie-documentary Believe, which recently screened at the Toronto International Film Festival. Lohan also no stranger to the gossip pages recently left a Malibu rehab facility at the end of July.