Concert Will Feature ‘best Of The Best’

For Michael, that meant moving to Los Angeles, meeting people and cutting a CD (Riff Rockit, $9.99 iTunes ). He even filmed a pilot for a Riff Rockit TV show that he hopes will get picked up by a network. He said he got his name through a lot of brainstorming. Riff is obviously a musical term but also pretty kid-friendly and Riff likes to rock it, so hello! Evan writes his own music with a bunch of different co-writers. Songs like Music in Your Mouth, Alphabet Rock, Crust and Hero show his pop and rock influences, with power chords and guitar solos over heavy, clappable drum beats. His lyrics are indeed kid-friendly, ranging from instructions on how to brush your teeth (Pearly Whites) to simple rock anthems (Rock With Me): Riff likes to rock it, Riff likes to rhyme so get up, stand up, now is the time. Everybody, stomp your feet, clamp your hands and rock with me. Despite his rock leanings, Evan said he hopes to keep making kids music, hopefully making a difference in kids lives inspiring them to music and dance. Movement is important, he said. Music and rhythms drive everything he said. Even in sports, if you are out of rhythm, it is all out of whack. He also wants to inspire kids with his story. The one thing missing for me as a young cancer patient was someone who was sick who is there, he said, adding that kids dont often get to see role models who were as young as they are when they got sick. You really only hear of adults who got sick and got better. To see a young survivor would have been nice to see he got sick; he got better; I can, too. Kids with a cancer diagnosis can feel very alone, Michael said. Its such a foreign thing especially when it happens to a teen, he said. When it happens to a teen, you end up missing out on a lot [socially].

A freewill offering or donation is suggested for the six events in the series. Anyone is welcome to join the Christ Church Music Patrons Fund, which allows the church to underwrite the cost of events. The goal is to raise $15,000 this year, and contributions of any amount are welcome. For more information, visit Christ Presbyterian Church, 530 Tuscarawas St. W, begins its 2013-14 concert series bringing in musicians from the West Coast to the East Coast, according to a newsrelease. Paul Jacobs, a Grammy-winning concert organist from New York City, kicks off the series at 4 p.m. Oct. 13. The Christ Church Chancel Choir performs at 4 p.m.Nov. 17. Dianne Williams on flute and pianist Brent Schloneger will perform at 4 p.m.

Concert series kicks off at Christ Church

As a string player, you had to play with a lot of muscle there for the sound to reach the audience. That isnt necessary in Disney Hall. Better acoustics have allowed the Philharmonic to discover a wider palette of sound and made them a better orchestra, he says. We can hear each other so much better and track each others lines, Chalifour said. There is also no doubt that the L.A. Phil is not only a better orchestra first under Esa-Pekka Solonen, who was the conductor when Disney Hall opened, and now Dudamel but it is now one of the best in the world. The concert hall itself has also become an attraction for many great artists, keeping the place busy even when the Phil isnt playing. The auditorium has something going on almost every night from September to June, whether it be classical, jazz or pop music. This has helped lead to financial stability for the musical institution, which went through some rough times in the 1990s. Gehry had bid on the project back in 1988, but by the mid 90s the plan nearly collapsed for a variety of reasons, from temperaments and financing. The parking lot beneath the Hall was financed by the county with a bond, but the Hall was to be built from private donations. It was only when Walt Disneys daughter Diane Disney Miller made a $14 million gift on the condition that Gehry have full control of the design that is was able to move on. (Very courageous, the architect says.) In the decade its been up andrunning, Disney Hall has become part of the fabric of the Los Angeles. Lavin believes that people should remember the struggle ittook to build it.

Disney Concert Hall road to music marks its 10th year

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China Council in Raleigh. Xie said, The mission is to promote a cultural exchange between North Carolina and Charlotte. Next spring, our goal is to perform in China. He plans to promote cultural exchanges between North Carolina and China. Xies organization has sponsored a variety of cultural arts events since 2006. We bring the best of the best from China, Xie said. The musicians have performed in Washington, D.C., and will perform in two other cities in North Carolina. The final North Carolina performance will take place in Raleigh on Oct. 6. The four concerts will be conducted by He Jianguo, who led CNO concert tours in Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Germany, Japan, the United States and Egypt. The orchestra has produced more than 15 CDs, and it has won numerous awards from the Chinese Ministry of Culture. Jian Zhang, president of Charlottes Chinese American Association, is excited about the Oct.