Canada ‘skeptical’ Of Iran Despite Historic Talk With U.s.

He manages about C$210 million ($204 million). Nobody should be naive out there, to think if we get a worst-case scenario with respect to the U.S. budget impasse that Canada comes out of this unscathed. You could see some very heavy losses in the TSX. The U.S. Senate voted to finance the government through Nov. 15, sending the bill to the House and setting up a weekend of negotiations and brinkmanship three days before federal spending authority runs out and a few weeks until the country reaches its borrowing limit. Destabilizing Effect President Barack Obama said in a televised statement that Congresss failure to approve funding would have a destabilizing effect on the economy. Democrats and Republicans cant agree on the inclusion of funds for Obamas health-care law in the bill. Energy stocks added 0.1 percent as a group, as six of 10 industries in the S&P/TSX rose. Trading volume was 20 percent below the 30-day average. Trilogy Energy soared 11 percent to C$28.80 after reporting an operating update for its Montney and Duvernay oil projects.

and Iran have spoken in over 30 years. When asked about the phone call, Baird told host Evan Solomon he welcomed the change in tone but that Canada remained “skeptical.” Canada distrustful of ‘rapprochement’ with Iran Baird conceded that “good talk is better than bad talk” but quickly pointed out that, “we haven’t seen any movement yet” despite Obama’s show of optimism following Friday’s rare phone call. Obama said, following his meeting with Rouhani, that he believed the U.S. and Iran can reach a comprehensive solution over the latter’snuclear program. “We think actions will speak louder than words,” Baird said. The minister outlined three areas where Canada would like to see “real movement” on the part of Iran, namely: Its nuclear program. Its support of terrorism. Its”atrocious” human rights record. “We hope they can become compliant with the United Nations Security Council sanctions on its nuclear programs and take some real steps back from the brink.” Keeping up the pressure on Iran Rouhani announced, ahead of his visit to the UN, the release of almost 80 political prisoners, including a Canadian, When asked about the good-will gesture, Baird said “we appreciate the release of these political prisoners,” but quickly addedthat they “should never have been in jail in the first place.” “We are not going to pop the champagne just yet,” Baird said. The minister also expressed worry over rewarding the new Iranian president prematurely. “I am concerned that there is a little bit too much enthusiasm as a result of the different tone. And what we hope is, the world won’t take the pressure off the regime to make the substantive changes that are needed.” “The stakes are so high, we have to stay focused on what actions they take,” Baird said. Baird also said Canada would like to see Iran allow women to run for the office in the next election. “In order for an election to be legitimate you can’t disqualify 51 per cent of the population.” “I hope my skepticism is wrong,” Baird concluded. Prime Minister Stephen Harper expressed similar skepticism in Ottawa on Tuesday.

Staples Canada On-track to Make an Impact on the Environment

In the second quarter of 2013, 3,083 units were collected. That’s 225% over the number of units collected in Q2 2012.During the Back-to-School season, this program was also highlighted in one of the retailer’s key weekly flyers. 3,400 Sustainable Products In-Store Staples continues to source and offer customers alternative, eco-responsible products, such as Forest Stewardship Council Certified Multiuse paper, and continues to add products with eco-responsible features such as recycled content or independent environmental certifications such as Rainforest Alliance and Energy Star. In-store, Staples continues to offer over 3,400 products which have at least one eco-attribute, with many more available online. Staples has recently introduced a new “Sustainable Earth” copy paper, made from 95% sugarcane fibres, reducing the need to harvest trees to make paper. Energy Consumption Down 9% in Q2 Staples Canada continues to reduce energy consumption and actively works to conserve energy across the business by reducing overall energy costs, and diversifying energy sources. By the end of 2012, a large majority of Staples Canada store locations ran on 25 watt light bulbs, helping to reduce electrical consumption by over 11%. The retailer’s 2013 goal is to reduce electrical consumption by 5%. As of Q2 electrical consumption was down 9% over 2012. Staples is also piloting efficient destratification fans in several locations, replacing HVAC units, and planning an exterior lighting retrofit for by the end of Q4 2013. Through its Lights Out program, Staples reduced electrical consumption in June and July by over 2.4 million KW. The bullfrogpowered Printers Program Announced this past June, Staples Canada has partnered with Bullfrog Power, to provide the retailer with clean, renewable electricity for two office buildings and 11 stores across Canada . This partnership makes Staples Canada the 10th largest consumer of renewable energy in Canada . From September 25 until October 25 , any inkjet printer purchased at a Staples store location will be bullfrogpowered with 100 per cent clean, pollution-free electricity for one full year, courtesy of Staples Canada . Business-to-Business Division of Staples Grows Commitment to Sustainability The business-to-business division of Staples is also committed to sustainability . Staples Advantage Canada holds a corporate registration in both ISO9001 (Quality) and ISO14001 (Environment) which allows them to evaluate, monitor and manage their activities, products and services, and maintain a positive impact on the environment.